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About FIDO

The FIDO (Field Integrated Design and Operations) rover is a prototype which provides a test bed for rover operation scenarios and instrumentation similar to that on the Athena Science Payload. The purpose of FIDO is to simulate, using Mars analog settings, the complex surface operations that will be necessary to find, characterize, obtain, cache, and return samples to the ascent vehicles on the landers. Commands are sent to the rover using WITS (Web Interface for Telescience), a web-based tool that allows remote users to view raw and derived data, to plan observations, to designate navigational way points for rover traverses, and to run the traverses.

Rover Specifications

    Information about FIDO's size, speed, materials, and capabilities.

About the Instruments

    Images and information about FIDO's "Athena-like" instruments.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Questions answered by rover scientists and engineers.

Ask the FIDO Team

    Ask your own questions about FIDO and submit them to rover scientists and engineers.