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About the Instruments

FIDO features a stowable mast that reaches 1.94 meters above the ground when unfolded (as viewed to the right). The head of the mast contains two stereo imaging systems, the Pancam and Navcam, and optics for the Infrared Point Spectrometer.

Also seen in this image is part of the calibration target for the imaging system. It is the small rod protruding vertically from the solar panel (to the right of the mast). The rod sits in the center of the calibration target. The white pole to the left of the mast is the wireless ethernet antenna that FIDO uses to send telemetry and receive commands.

Instrument Arm

The instrument bay on FIDO's belly is capable of carrying several instruments. A Mini-Corer drill and caching system are attached in the bay. A Belly Camera can image the area. The Instrument Arm, shown to the right without instruments attached, can position the instruments to be in direct contact with surrounding materials. It also allows the instruments' sensors to move into place without movement from the rover. The deployable instrument arm will carry a Color Microscopic Imager and a Mössbauer Spectrometer. A brush will also be included on the arm to clean surfaces before imaging and spectroscopic observations.

A Raman Spectrometer may also be ready for integration for field tests in 2001.

FIDO Instrument Arm