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The following are links related the FIDO program. Other links related to education and information about Mars can be found in the Education section.

1. APEX and Athena Projects (
    APEX and Athena are the science payloads for possible future Mars Surveyor Program missions.
2. Jet Propulsion Laboratory (
    FIDO and the Mars Surveyor Program are run by JPL.
3. Mars Surveyor Program (
    The Mars Surveyor Program is responsible for the upcoming suite of missions to Mars.
4. Rocky 7 Prototype Mars Rover (
    Rocky 7 was the precursor to FIDO and was tested in the Mojave Desert in May 1997.
5. The Planetary Society (
    The Red Rover, Red Rover project is coordinated and run through the Planetary Society.
6. Exploration Technology Rover Task(
    The Exploration Technology Rover team oversees the development and operations of FIDO.
7. Earth and Planetary Sciences Remote Sensing Lab (
    The Remote Sensing Lab, at Washington University in St. Louis, MO, is part of the Planetary Data Systems Geosciences Node and maintains the science server.
8. PDS Geosciences Node (
    The Geosciences Node of NASA's Planetary Data System (PDS) archives and distributes digital data related to the study of the surfaces and interiors of terrestrial planetary bodies.