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FIDO (Field Integrated Design and Operations) is a model of the Mars Rovers that will be used on the Athena Mission in 2003.  It will carry what is known as the Athena Science Payload.  FIDO will be used on Earth to simulate the Mars Missions.  On Mars, the rovers will locate and analyze rocks and soils to determine mineral composition.



Summary of FIDO Payload


Key Parameters

Field Use


Four degree-of-freedom deployable mast located on rear deck of rover. Places mast instrument package up to 1.94 m above surface.

Deploy Pancam, Navcam, IPS remote sensing package for acquisition of data for scene characterization and sequence planning.


False color IR (0.65, 0.75, 0.85 um), stereo (12 cm baseline) imaging system, 0.35 mrad/pixel IFOV, 10 deg FOV.

Detailed imaging of surface for geologic and topographic characterization.


Panchromatic stereo (12 cm baseline) imaging system, 1.5 mrad/pixel IFOV, 40 deg FOV.

Characterization of morphology and topography of surface for use in sequence planning.

IPS: Infrared Point Spectrometer

1.3 to 2.5 um spectrometer with 13 cm-1 resolution, 9 mrad/pixel FOV, bore-sighted with Navcam.

Mineralogical mapping of key targets identified using imaging data.


Four degree-of-freedom arm with Color Microscopic Imager and Mössbauer Spectrometer.

Deploy in-situ analysis package (CMI, MBS) onto surface.

CMI: Color Microscopic Imager

30 um pixels, 1.92 x 1.44 cm FOV.

Close-up imaging of texture and mineralogy of surface.


110 x 90 degree FOV, 3 mrad/pixel IFOV, 12 cm baseline. Mounted on rover underbelly.

Image surface for Mini-Corer deployments.

Hazcam: Body-mounted stereo imaging system

Same imaging system as Bellycam, mounted on rover body front and back.

Characterization of morphology and topography of surface for use in sequence planning.


Summary of ATHENA Elements Not Onboard FIDO


Key Parameters

Field Use

APXS: Alpha Particle X-Ray Spectrometer 44Cm alpha particle source, solid-state alpha and x-ray detectors, 4 cm FOV Elemental abundances for rock and soil targets.
RAT: Rock Abrasion Tool Clean 5cm diameter circle on rock surfaces to expose true rock composition. Hand-held grinding tool deployed by field team on requested targets.

MBS: Mössbauer Spectrometer

57Fe spectrometer in backscatter mode; Co/Rh source and Si-PIN diode detectors; field of view approximately 1.5 cm2.

Identification of iron-bearing minerals and iron oxidation states.


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